The use of braces to fix crooked teeth has become more and more popular over these recent years, but an gamis jersey important fact to remember is that braces tend to result in a high build-up of bacteria in the mouth. This is attributed to the metallic parts of the braces stuck on the teeth and held together by some form of elastic. Food particles usually get caught inside the braces, resulting in an accumulation of yucky microorganisms.
To fight this phenomenon, people with braces need to brush their teeth in a more thorough fashion than usual. This is where the best toothbrush comes in, along with knowing the proper way to brush. And of course, there are these other interesting tips on how to keep your teeth clean even when you have braces:
1. Find the best toothpaste to go with your nice and trusty toothbrush. Your personal dentist is the best person to ask for recommendations, especially if you have sensitive teeth and gums. His suggestion will take into account your personal needs; hence you can be sure that the toothpaste he advises you to buy will fit your individual lifestyle.
2. Make sure your toothbrush has soft enough bristles, and that you use it tilted at an angle of 45 degrees against your gums. This is the best position for the toothbrush to reach the greatest amount of food bits, bacteria, and even to remove plaque. Remember that brushing after every meal is still the best recommendation, especially when you have braces, as it is even more imperative to keep the teeth clean at all times.
3. When you clean around the mouth area, continue to do it the way you always used to, maintaining the same pressure. Pay attention to the front as well as the back parts of your teeth, along with your tongue. Be slow but sure in cleaning your braces, though.
4. Floss through the food particles stuck between your teeth. Wax-coated floss is usually a good choice, and a floss threader can help make things easier. Once you finish flossing, check to make sure there are no bits of floss caught in your braces.
5. Add to the clean feeling by splashing it all with an anti-bacterial mouthwash. The rinse will flush out food particles you may have overlooked, as well as kill whatever bacteria are still thriving in your mouth. Also wrap up the cleansing cycle with a consciousness of how long you have been using your toothbrush. If it has been three months or more, be quick to replace it, as you would not want microorganisms living in the bristles to transfer to your mouth.
These fundamental elements can spell the difference between healthy and stained teeth throughout the time when you are wearing braces. The best toothbrush and brushing techniques form the foundation. Meanwhile the rest lies with the consistency of the overall care you give your teeth. Rest assured that you will certainly enjoy good dental health for many years to come.